Drop Pod completed

After an absence I have got some more posts on the way (this is due to me having access to my gf’s camera) starting with the completed drop pod. Some of my fears subsided once the red was completed so it now fits in with the rest of the marines I have completed. It is still fairly heavy on the metal colours, so maybe something I would change in the future.

I still have to complete the inside of it. That was a task I couldn’t be bothered with at the moment but I have a few ideas on how I want it to look.

Thanks for viewing this, and hopefully you will come back to see some more stuff.


  1. It looks great. Looks like it has weight.

    • Thanks a lot!! I think maybe I’d like to add burn type marks to show atmospheric entry. Any advice on how to do that?

      • I’m about to add battle damage and carbon scorching my drop pod and am thinking I’ll just drybrush it with black. Looking at images of actual re-entry vehicles, it leaves marks, but not that much really. Take a look at these, it doesn’t seem like it will be that hard to mimic:
        1. http://bit.ly/Zyxcy4
        2. http://bit.ly/ZyxiG1
        3. http://bit.ly/Zyxl4q

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