Spartan Dreadnought WIP

Hi all,

Back with more work in progress stuff for you. The dreadnought is in fact finished but I thought I’d upload these pictures now, and squeak two posts out it all! Plus I need to take pictures of the finished piece. I wish I had some shots from the modelling process, but sadly I overlooked doing it. I will for my next project!

My thought process with him was I needed to paint him like the regular marines/terminators, while his body might be a ruin, he is still a Spartan. I was nervous that the bone would look a little strange and contemplated going with a darker theme like the drop pod, seen a few posts back. However, I stuck with it and it turned out well.

You may notice that his feet are a bit odd- that is because they are. I bought the dreadnought from ebay and it arrived with the feet broken from the legs so I magnetised it up and added a bit of green stuff to make it look a little different to the norm. I also considered trying to make a head crest too, but didnt feel I could make it fit that well on this model, the Venerable dreadnought model has head variants may open up this possibility.

Thanks for viewing and stay tuned for more.



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