Caravaggio, The Calling of the Saint Matthew, 1599 – 1600

This is for those who are interested in art history! A brief and intelligent article on one of the old masters, Caravaggio.



Caravaggio 1

Caravaggio is one of my favourite painter of all times and especially of the 1600’s. As it is probably known, he is was extremely innovative of his time because of his application of light called Chiaroscuro. Not only he painted his painting with this new techniques that is based on a dark tones, but it was also very important for him to paint all his scenes from live models whom were close to him such as servants, prostitutes and people in the streets.

However, the most fascinating fact about Caravaggio was his character. I once saw a documentary/film on his life and his discovery of new techniques which made me fall in love with his story. As many of the well known artists are, he was not the best role model and his history of drunkenness, ambiguous behaviour and attendance in brothels gave him a bad reputation. Regardless his personal life, his paintings portrayed  religious…

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