Spartan Dreadnought complete

After a very, very long hiatus I am back! Other things took over my life, and I had to put modelling to the side whilst I got on top of things. Also I didn’t have access to a camera to take good images with. Thus the material I’ll be sharing with you in this post (and a couple more) are in fact ‘old’- a couple months.

So the completed dreadnought isn’t an insane creation. As mentioned in the WIP post, the design was to make him look like a large Spartan, after all a Spartan controls the machine. I debated to add a crest for the truly Spartan look but I didn’t quite know how to go about it. There are two things you will notice- the bible reference and some chicken-scratch on the sarcophagus. The sarcophagus is meant to read ‘rebirth’- fitting I thought. The bible reference is to a passage about rebirth- it felt it was appropriate. Any reference to God will of course mean the Emperor.

The only experiment I tried was on the base. I tried to make a marbled floor type of surface by simply painting thin, or faint white lines on a black base. I thought this may help highlight the model more, however I’m concerned that it just looks lazy. Any thoughts on that? Else I could go back and paint the base to match the rest of the Spartans- which I still haven’t had any inspiration with.

In other news, with the recent 6th edition Eldar, and the Tau earlier this year- GW have made it clear where they are going with the giant Wraithknight and Riptide. Personally, they are cool but look more at home in Apocalypse. Plus large models mean GW can sell them at a high price. Hopefully they keep releasing nice models.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll have another post up soon.


  1. You’ve done a nice clean paint job there. I particularly like the cloak, that’s been very nicely done. How did you do the cloak? I’ve got a cloak on a model than I need to do and I’m rather rusty at the moment!

    • Thanks a lot! I appreciate that a lot. I’m not quite at the battle damaged stage. The cloak is all GW paints, scab red, blood red, blazing orange and red ink. I used a black basecoat as I find I get a better finish, then mix the colours to get a relatively even transition from the darker areas to light. I don’t wet blend as I like the more sudden transition. So, the areas that are shadows or deeper in the cloak I leave darker, and the edges are lighter. I hope that helps, just ask if you need to and good luck with your model- I hope to see a picture.

      • I will do so. I need to work out the best way to strip down a resin model first though. Once I’ve got it cleaned up and re-attempted painting, I’ll put it up on the blog so you can see the result of my handiwork.

  2. Dylan Charles said:

    I liked the base and it doesn’t look lazy. All in all, great looking model. Welcome back!

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