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After some consideration I thought I’d add a new page to talk about another hobby of mine- Yugioh. I used to be competitive (qualifying for the Uk championships a few years ago- TeleDAD, Lightsworn and Gladiator Beast formats) until other things took priority. Now I have a little more time to think about it, and my younger brother who is currently playing competitively will be giving insights from our point of view.

With a new format looming (Sept 2013), now seems like a good time to get into blogging about it!


  1. I’m really excited for the September 2013 format to take effect. I just started a yugioh blog on here myself and I look forward to seeing what insights you and your brother have to offer. What deck did you run when you qualified for UK nationals?

    • Yeah it should be interesting for sure. It looks like trap heavy decks will have a good shot at success. Im also thinking that control decks, using hand traps and regular traps to shut down your opponent. I was running Lightsworn back then. Judgment Dragon was at 2 at the time. I still have the deck but relies a little too much on getting that normal summon every turn.

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