YCS Toronto and Diversity

Hey guys, dtvglads here for my first of many posts!

YCS Toronto has just gone and it was good to see some diversity in the top 32. There was 12 dragons/dragunity, 4 mermail , 3 prophecy, 3 evilswarm, 1 geargia, 1 madolche, 2 fire fist, 1 infernity, 1 herald agent, 1 blackwing, 2 constellar and 1 undisclosed. Alas though, the almighty Dragon Rulers rained supreme once again even though many thought they were dead when the babies got hit. It seems the skillers have made Dragons still a big force in the game! The winner was Edward Kuang with Dragon Rulers, second place was Sorosh Saberian, third was Patrick Hoban with Dragunities and in fourth was Sehabi Kheireddine with Blackwings!

This format is going to be very interesting as there is room for any deck to win any big tournament but after the new banlist, Dragon Rulers take this one! YCS London will be interesting to see how that goes and hopefully Dragons won’t win again! (I’m a Fire Fist player :P)

Leave any comments on your thoughts to YCS Toronto, and the rest of the format.

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