Trading 15/9/13

So I finally got to do some card trading for the first time in years. I must say it was quite a nice feeling. It was only casual play- no locals, no tournament so people were fairly chilled out and playing for fun. Fortunately this meant that there was quite a variety of people looking for quite different things. It this variety of player that makes me think it is quite possible to make some money back by simply investing, then casting your trading net wide to reach out to many players. This would be quite different at regionals, or bigger tournaments!

The quality of trade binders wasn’t that great, and I received a bunch of compliments for my folder so that was good. I felt my folder was pretty average considering I removed half of it before I left to go. This is because I know I wont trade any of it, so there is no point in sticking it in there. All the hoarding of cards has paid off!

I went in there with the aim to get a bunch of staples for decks that are currently being built; however I came away with none of that! However feel I did manage to get some decent trades, given that the cost of many cards I traded cost me little to obtain. A lot of cards I traded were from tins, given that the value cards are usually not the cover card I feel I have done well. Some cards, like turbo pack Crush Card I won, so that I feel is a plus (sure there was a investment for locals etc).

So here is what I traded;

Out: In

1 secret (Tin) Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo : 1 ultimate 1st Ed Battle Fader

1 ultimate (Tin) Giga Brilliant : 1 secret Gem Knight Pearl

1 common Blackwing Kalut and Bora : 1 starfoil Krebons

1 secret (Tin) Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis : 1 super (Special Edition) Acid Golem of Destruction and 1 common Battle Fader

1 super Ruin, Queen of Oblivion and 1 rare Crush Card virus : 1 secret Mezuki

1 rare Lonefire Blossom : 1 super Galaxy Serpent


Do you think I made a good deal? Any similar experiences you have had with trading?


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  1. dtvglads said:

    Some good welling and dealing there! It is always important to know values of cards when you go to a new place because people could get ripped off. Sadly it is prevalent in the game but its good to see you got good value all round! Next step is but the cardboard to the mat and time to duel!!

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