Floorhammer paintstation; Imperial Knight

Yes I finally got some photos of the noble Imperial Knight, Optimus Bob. Clearly inspired by the legend Optimus Prime, I couldn’t think of any better role model! Sure Optimus isn’t super grimdark but I think the overall paint job came out ok. I used my iphone to take the photos so its likely that some small details have been lost but hopefully it doesn’t take away too much from the model. I am considering adding some detail to the trim above the head, it feels like there is too much red and needs to be broken up a bit.

Furthermore, I didn’t glue on small details like the imperial symbol or the ladder type stuff on the top carapace. They wouldn’t be a big job so I might add them at a later date, and would probably help to make him pop a bit more. Also I didn’t add the knee pads as a I felt the exposed knee vs the covered knee was a colour balance issue to consider. Too much blue on the legs would probably have looked silly so I didn’t bother with them.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

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