Daily Archives: August 4, 2017

Hey hey, I’m back with a short post showcasing more painting I got done during the last couple of months. I posted a WIP for these models a while ago, so I’m glad I can now show the finished articles. I have tried to give them a ‘rough and ready” appearance. Lots of metal with rougher finishes than normal to give a feeling of coldness. Being Space Marines generally helps but I’m trying to give an artist spin on it.

I still have to decide if I want to mount the Land Speeder onto a round base- at one that is the size of the supplied round bases from GW. In a tournament this current base could be considered modelling for advantage. In Japan there isn’t much tournament 40k, but could come up if guys want to practice using ITC FAQ.


Hope you enjoy! Next up will be the second battle report from this past weekend.