Hey hey, I’m back with a short post showcasing more painting I got done during the last couple of months. I posted a WIP for these models a while ago, so I’m glad I can now show the finished articles. I have tried to give them a ‘rough and ready” appearance. Lots of metal with rougher finishes than normal to give a feeling of coldness. Being Space Marines generally helps but I’m trying to give an artist spin on it.

I still have to decide if I want to mount the Land Speeder onto a round base- at one that is the size of the supplied round bases from GW. In a tournament this current base could be considered modelling for advantage. In Japan there isn’t much tournament 40k, but could come up if guys want to practice using ITC FAQ.


Hope you enjoy! Next up will be the second battle report from this past weekend.


Yes I finally got some photos of the noble Imperial Knight, Optimus Bob. Clearly inspired by the legend Optimus Prime, I couldn’t think of any better role model! Sure Optimus isn’t super grimdark but I think the overall paint job came out ok. I used my iphone to take the photos so its likely that some small details have been lost but hopefully it doesn’t take away too much from the model. I am considering adding some detail to the trim above the head, it feels like there is too much red and needs to be broken up a bit.

Furthermore, I didn’t glue on small details like the imperial symbol or the ladder type stuff on the top carapace. They wouldn’t be a big job so I might add them at a later date, and would probably help to make him pop a bit more. Also I didn’t add the knee pads as a I felt the exposed knee vs the covered knee was a colour balance issue to consider. Too much blue on the legs would probably have looked silly so I didn’t bother with them.

Hope you enjoy šŸ™‚

Floorhammer fans, finally I have a hobby update for you. There are million reasons I could use to justify the lack of any hobby progress, but I’ll put it down to laziness. Alas, recently I’ve turned my attentions to getting my Space Marines completed. They are a ton of fun and so its only fair that I get a lick of paint on them to carry out the Emperors work.

Firstly is the Land Speeder. This model is ancient, in the region of 16 years old, and so the original base has been lost. So I threw a base together using some spare bits lying around. In addition, I haveĀ used a coupleĀ magnets for safety and ease of transport. Secondly, actually the model is incomplete- I need to model the crests of the Marines inside. Finally, these marines cannot be modelled with cloaks, thus their story is that as a junior in the Chapter they haven’t earned the cloak yet, thus paint their armour red in hopes of achieving the cloak one day.




The model is painted in in metals and black mainly. I want to keep the model dark and metallic to create a contrast between the near white armour of the infantry. The dark colours create an ominous presence, and metal is cold, which emphasises that point. I hope to complete the model in the week, but no guarantee on when I will get the pictures here.

Next is the Techmarine. He has been heavily converted from the 3rd or 4th edition Techmarine. Iv added an extra servo arm (harness) from random bits I found, its a little Doctor Octopus style. Then the plasma cutter and flamer have just been slapped on, its a little unprofessional but I don’t think those who follow the machine god care too much. I had to add the power axe as its in his wargear. The other interesting feature was the helmet, at this stage I can’t remember the inspiration but still looks just fine. Finally, I added the typical Sunbreaker regalia with the crest (Techmarine style) and the cloak.


Again the theme with this model is to generally be cold and intimidating by being heavy on metals and black. The helmet/visor is where I can give the model a bit more of a personality. I am tempted to heavily contrast the helmet with bright colours to represent some glowing light etc emitting from the all the data processing units in the HUD. Iv done a little bit of work recently using blues, into nearly white to create this effect on grav cannons. Other ideas include to try to use similar light contrasting to create a ghostly face of sorts, but that might out of skill league!

Anyway thanks for stopping by and hopefully il be back soon with the finished products. Happy wargaming!

After a very, very long hiatus I am back! Other things took over my life, and I had to put modelling to the side whilst I got on top of things. Also I didn’t have access to a camera to take good images with. Thus the material I’ll be sharing with you in this post (and a couple more) are in fact ‘old’- a couple months.

So the completed dreadnought isn’t an insane creation. As mentioned in the WIP post, the design was to make him look like a large Spartan, after all a Spartan controls the machine. I debated to add a crest for the truly Spartan look but I didn’t quite know how to go about it. There are two things you will notice- the bible reference and some chicken-scratch on the sarcophagus. The sarcophagus is meant to read ‘rebirth’- fitting I thought. The bible reference is to a passage about rebirth- it felt it was appropriate. Any reference to God will of course mean the Emperor.

The only experiment I tried was on the base. I tried to make a marbled floor type of surface by simply painting thin, or faint white lines on a black base. I thought this may help highlight the model more, however I’m concerned that it just looks lazy. Any thoughts on that? Else I could go back and paint the base to match the rest of the Spartans- which I still haven’t had any inspiration with.

In other news, with the recent 6th edition Eldar, and the Tau earlier this year- GW have made it clear where they are going with the giant Wraithknight and Riptide. Personally, they are cool but look more at home in Apocalypse. Plus large models mean GW can sell them at a high price. Hopefully they keep releasing nice models.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll have another post up soon.


Hello all, here is something from the archives- my Eldar Avatar from back when I regularly collected/painted (was it 3rd Edition?). I thought he was worth sharing, and a little different to the Spartans that I am currently focusing on.

The model is one of the old metal ones, so there is a lot of weight to it! I have since obtained a new Avatar- a finecast edition- which I have started to design. As you can see the base isn’t great, I’ve never been great/taken the time to learn how to base properly. I want to create an old/new theme between this Avatar, and the new one so maybe that will reflect in the paint job- we’ll see.

I hope you enjoy it!


Hi all, here are a few images of my Terminator Librarian. He is comprised of parts from a Grey Knight terminator, Space Wolves Wolf Guard and Chaos terminator Sorcerer- with plenty of green stuff. The storm bolter arm is magnetised and I’m working on making a storm shield for him with another arm.

Sadly the weather is too cold just now to basecoat coat him with spray paint (Citadel paints are pretty temperature sensitive), so I’ll keep working on other sculpts I have on the go just now.


SAM_0260 SAM_0261 SAM_0264 SAM_0262