Wow, it has been years since I visited my site, let alone posting any content. This wasn’t necessarily out of forgetfulness so first I want to explain what has happened in the intervening time.

Last time I posted I was in the final year of my PhD and I was happy with the progress of my 40k project, and I had tried to introduce my brother as a Yugioh columnist as a way of branching out into new areas. That changed quite significantly when the PhD was wrapping up. The timeline of what happened is now a little fuzzy but late 2013 I wrapped up my experimental work with my PhD, and so I moved home to my parents house in Ireland while I could write the thesis. I needed to finish experiments earlier than normal because I wanted extra time and care to write, especially something as important (to me) as a PhD.

However, during the summer 2013 I was helping my supervisor to organise a conference in our University for summer 2014. Whilst writing it became evident that more experiments were required for clarification purposes etc so I would travel to back every month or so to visit the lab to get some experiments done as well as visit my girlfriend and friends. This continued until about autumn 2014 when I finally submitted, shortly followed by the viva (defence) in late 2014. So I had achieved something I never thought I would ever do, and I cringe I little every time I see the thesis now but I am proud to have finished it.

During the conference, a colleague of my boss offered me a job in Japan starting as soon as possible. I accepted this job and once I had obtained the PhD I was set to go in the second week of January 2015. I have been here since with my girlfriend and experiencing life in a whole new way. My girlfriend and I moved in together for the 1st time in coming here, but I knew we were solid so wasn’t a problem. Scary yes, but obstacles are for overcoming. A year and a half into the journey here has been exciting and long may it continue. I don’t expect the blog to feature much on life in Japan. It is something that is hugely fascinating but I am not integrated enough to fully understand how and why things are how they are. What I will say is that I am thoroughly enjoying myself and trying to build a future which would have been difficult anywhere else.

With regards to hobbies, I kind of ditched Yugioh as it is too fast paced with ban lists changing every 3 months, and that Japanese/English versions aren’t compatible. Instead I picked up Magic, its a wonderful game and a bit more accessible than Yugioh due to its slightly more mature target audience (arguable now) and that there is no problems using different language cards. However, the tournament scene is just a tough and every changing metagames has pushed that down in the pecking order. Recently I discovered that a good friend of mine plays 40k which got the blood flowing through my veins again! What 40k does for me is combine my love for arts and crafts, sci-fi stories, and games. I also joined a rugby club which is also a blast due to the relaxed nature of all the guys (mainly foreigners too).A week ago I decided I to pick up some 40k again, which led me back here as writing here was a good outlet for self-expression. Just to note that in the move back to my parents house I have misplaced my Spartan marines! As far as I know they are tidily packed away in the carry case I had for them. The project wasn’t finished so I was pretty bummed when finding them wasn’t so straight-forward. The next time I am home I will try harder to find them.

I know this post is so brief compared to the amount of time I have been away but now I’m back!!! My life has change a lot since I last was regularly posting, but mentally I am in a similar place as before- a good place- to begin producing more content. But for now, ciao ragazzi!




After a very, very long hiatus I am back! Other things took over my life, and I had to put modelling to the side whilst I got on top of things. Also I didn’t have access to a camera to take good images with. Thus the material I’ll be sharing with you in this post (and a couple more) are in fact ‘old’- a couple months.

So the completed dreadnought isn’t an insane creation. As mentioned in the WIP post, the design was to make him look like a large Spartan, after all a Spartan controls the machine. I debated to add a crest for the truly Spartan look but I didn’t quite know how to go about it. There are two things you will notice- the bible reference and some chicken-scratch on the sarcophagus. The sarcophagus is meant to read ‘rebirth’- fitting I thought. The bible reference is to a passage about rebirth- it felt it was appropriate. Any reference to God will of course mean the Emperor.

The only experiment I tried was on the base. I tried to make a marbled floor type of surface by simply painting thin, or faint white lines on a black base. I thought this may help highlight the model more, however I’m concerned that it just looks lazy. Any thoughts on that? Else I could go back and paint the base to match the rest of the Spartans- which I still haven’t had any inspiration with.

In other news, with the recent 6th edition Eldar, and the Tau earlier this year- GW have made it clear where they are going with the giant Wraithknight and Riptide. Personally, they are cool but look more at home in Apocalypse. Plus large models mean GW can sell them at a high price. Hopefully they keep releasing nice models.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll have another post up soon.


Hello all, here is something from the archives- my Eldar Avatar from back when I regularly collected/painted (was it 3rd Edition?). I thought he was worth sharing, and a little different to the Spartans that I am currently focusing on.

The model is one of the old metal ones, so there is a lot of weight to it! I have since obtained a new Avatar- a finecast edition- which I have started to design. As you can see the base isn’t great, I’ve never been great/taken the time to learn how to base properly. I want to create an old/new theme between this Avatar, and the new one so maybe that will reflect in the paint job- we’ll see.

I hope you enjoy it!


Hi everybody,

I am sorry to string you along again, but I need more time to upload some of my work. But here are a few links that got some ideas in my head before I got doing some sketches;

The last link is really cool, the work is really intricate. It is something I aspire to be able to do in the future, but that requires more time improving my skills.

I hope to have my own work up in the next day or so.


Ever since I was a kid, I was always wanting to make stuff; I would be inspired by what I saw on tv, in computer games, films and books. It took time and patience to develop some degree of skill to be able to replicate what I saw, and innovate. In school, I would paint, and sculpt with clay. At home, I would make everything I could out of cardboard and sellotape; I made pump action shotguns, the guns the droids use in Star Wars Ep 1, rifles with an attachment for a laser pen etc. Endless fun. That developed into foraging in the woods to build bows and arrows- my parents got a little frightened at the sight of arrows flying 50/60 meters at each other. For the record, the arrows were blunt! I also used to feverishly paint small resin models, Warhammer.

On the face of it, Warhammer is seen a nerds only game/hobby. Smelly, geeky kids who have no idea how to dress them-selves, let alone do a press-up. I am not going to argue about Warhammer, but I am interested in talking about the hobby side; painting and sculpting from my experience.

The Warhammer hobby requires a huge level of skill to paint and sculpt to a high level. There are many businesses dedicated to this, search online if you want. I was attracted the models and the sci-fi story it had, plus my friends were into it. Over time my painting skills developed through copying what I saw in magazines, and adapting techniques so that I developed my own style. This helped me achieve a good grade for my practical art exam! So this hobby isn’t something to scoff at, transferable skill blah blah.

However, I shelved painting and sculpting as other things in my life took over. But after a near 10 year hiatus I picked up the brush once again. And it feels great. I spent some money to get started again and get the ‘feel’ of painting 30 mm tall models. I wanted a challenge, as I was inspired, so I bought a bunch more and started doing some sketches for what I wanted to achieve- a spartan army… More details on that in the next post. On the technical side of it, my painting technique is basic just now- but I have new projects in the future to look at different techniques.

Above all, the joy I get from painting and sculpting is immense, and something I should not have stopped. One interesting thing that hit me while I have been reflecting on all this, is the idea of ‘feel’ in art. Understanding what each element can do for me, I could get more out of it, thus keep pushing what I could make therefore how much fun I/we could have. Is this something you have thought about?