Here will be some thoughts on cards games, primarily Magic, but perhaps Yugioh too depending if I can get my columnist back (as of 6/30 I do not).

Magic: The Gathering is a fantasy themed trading card game from Wizards of the Coast. The number of players is said to be in the millions with premier events regularly hosting several thousand players in the main event alone. The Pro Tour is pinnacle of the MtG world and is a spectacle for the hundreds good enough to compete. Makes for amazing entertainment too. Star City Games is the go-to place for regular high level competition with thousands of dollars in prize money offered nearly every week.

I will try to offer what I can, small deck-techs or thoughts on Magic itself. The game can be super fun so I will try to keep it on that side of things unless I am complaining about the story O.o

Yugioh is a massive trading card game from Konami. Whilst not as big a Magic: The Gathering, it is still hugely popular drawing hundreds of players to its premier events.

Yugioh articles will cover tactics, decklists and much more, with large contributions from the resident expert- my younger brother.


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